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Michigan Careers: Substance & Impact

Michigan offers a range of impactful and substantial careers that make a difference in society.

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Some of the most notable ones include: 

 AI Safety Technical Research: This field is vital for ensuring that AI development benefits society. Michigan, with its growing tech sector, is a suitable place for professionals interested in making significant contributions to AI safety and governance. 

Information Security in High-Impact Areas: With increasing digitalization, securing important organizations and technologies is crucial. Michigan's diverse industrial base, including automotive and manufacturing sectors, offers opportunities for information security professionals. 

Environmental Engineering: Environmental engineers play a key role in addressing ecological challenges. Michigan's emphasis on environmental conservation and its manufacturing industries provide fertile ground for this career. 

Healthcare Professionals: The state's healthcare system, particularly in areas like Detroit and Ann Arbor, requires skilled professionals to meet the healthcare needs of its diverse population. 

 Education and Training: With a focus on improving educational outcomes and the growing need for skilled trades and technical training, educators and trainers in Michigan have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on future generations. 

These careers offer the chance to contribute to crucial sectors in Michigan, aligning with both personal ambitions and the state's evolving economic landscape​ (80,000 Hours)​​ (MiWAM)​.

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